If I’d only known that……….

Having very recently ventured into dare I say it online dating…….yikes I hear you say, in the six weeks I was a member I didn’t get one email…..not one. I didn’t really take this on board too much but decided to consult an Astrologer who pointed out that with Venus opposing my Saturn and Neptune opposing my Saturn…..I’d be either very disappointed or unsuccessful. These are not favourable aspects for someone looking for romance. My astrological consultation cost the same amount of money as my online dating sign-up cost. Now, if I’d had the consultation BEFORE I signed up I could have saved myself a whole bunch of money and a bit of self respect!

So for now ‘Delightful from Doncaster, Hugable from Halifax and Peter from Portland, perhaps I had a lucky escape?!


The Sun is now in Libra

Hip Hip Hoorah! The Sun has moved into the sign of Libra so we can expect renewed hope and energy. As we celebrated the Autumn Equinox last weekend, this also signifies balance and a 'reap what we sow' attitude to life.

What are orbs?

What are these strange orbs or balls of light caught on video and  camera? Skeptical folk say it's anything from dust, light reflecting, insects, moisture droplets…….the list is endless.

Why do some people (such as myself) see tham with the naked eye and why are they more common in alleged haunted locations?

I have witnessed these orbs appearing to 'perform' for the camera and if appearing to show themselves when we ask them to. I've also seen coloured orbs (completely red) and orbs with faces in the centre.

Some say they are the first manifestation of spirit, others say it signifies the presence of earth angels.


Whatever they are, it's interesting.


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