Alison Crocker

House Clearances

Negative energy can cause anxiety, depression, and general ill health as well as attract negative entities and spirits towards our homes. 

Do you have niggling health problems, aches and pains or just feel out of sorts?

Are you struggling to sell your home?

Do you feel tired all the time?

Are family members unreasonably bad-tempered and difficult? 

Perhaps there’s a room or a space within your home that just doesn’t feel quite right or you are convinced you have a ghost.

I can rid your home of negative energies, restore balance and a feeling of wellbeing as well as remove negative energies. This is done in a variety of ways. I can visit your home or I can work remotely with a map of your home sent by phone or scanner.  If I visit, a fuel rate is charged at 48p per mile on top of the session fee.

This service is chargeable at £35.99. For this you will receive one session of psychic advice and advice about what remedies to use both personally and for use in your home. Should your problem be more longstanding and complex, just re-book another session.

Please be aware that dabbling with Ouija boards can attract negative spirits. Should you believe your home to be haunted because you have used one, burn the board immediately in a safe and appropriate manner and contact me. Most of all, don’t panic!

Please make sure you see your GP to rule out any physical cause for ill health. 


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