“Alison brings a wonderful and fresh approach to numerology. I found her insights revealling and very helpful. Thank you so much for your great help!”

PA – Shropshire


In many ways year 2009 has been my “annus horribilis”, and towards the end of this autumn came my final challenge. A big operation awaited. Alison suggested Spiritual Healing. As she commenced my first session, her hands moving all around me but not touching, I noticed some changes. My breathing deepening, and then a gradual relaxation to my whole body, this experience being very pleasant indeed. After my third session I became used to the tension melting away, and my feelings of despair diminishing. Further help and caring came also with the dedicated approach Alison has to this work. My challenges are now behind me, and I can happily move on to the rest of my life. I shall continue with this Healing for a while. I can thoroughly recommend this work as being a precious tool, so helpful and needed as we journey along our sometimes difficult and demanding road in life. With grateful thanks Alison, Blessings.

Anne in Hampshire

I decided on Sunday to approach Alison for a reading, because I wanted a bit of clarity on a couple of issues. I was not sure was to expect, but was positively surprised by her speedy response to my queries on Monday. Her reading provided indeed much clarity and guidedance for me. I wish to thank her for that. Her willingness to discuss matters highlighted in the first reading further in subsequent e-mails was also a very welcome surprise. I found Alison very sensitive, skilled in several techniques and analytical. I will most definitely approach her again in the future and recommended her without any hesitation to persons, who are seeking guidance as well.

Steven in Barbados

Thank you I will certainly spread the word. You are incredibly gifted and it’s kind of you to share your gift to help others find their way.

With love, Vicky, Devon x.

Thank you very much for the reading. You have described my dad exactly and also the relationship he has got himself into. Funnily enough I did feel the need to write a letter to him a few days ago, and so far there has been no reply, but as you said it did help me.

Andrew, Devon

Hi Alison, I am delighted that I took the time to ask you for a reading, both on line and in person. It was a very interesting reading and I was amazed at how accurate you were about my past life and present life. I came away with lots of things to think about and be aware of and very excited aswell. It also made me feel very relaxed about issues I was worrying about. Many thanks. I look forward to having another one in the New Year.


Dear Alison, Thank you very much for the reading. I was a bit overwhelmed with the accuracy of what you were telling me in the first half of the reading as it was so accurate. The reading was very positive for me and I thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you and I will definitely be recommending you to friends and will be back for another reading in the future. Thank you again.


‘Dear Alison,Thank you for your readings which we found accurate and relevant to both of us, as you picked up on a number of issues that are of concern to us. These were only brief readings but contained several aspects which are very important. I am sure a fuller reading would be even more helpful.

Many thanks, Flora Azulay

Thank you for the reading. I found the experience to be calm and helpful. You predicted a trip to New Zealand with my children and not my husband, which at the time seemed improbable, due to a set of unforseen circumstances that trip is about to take place next week.


You are a kind and loving lady and I will be back again as I have lots more questions for you.


I was skeptical but intrigued about the reading , which was the first one of any description I had had, I didn’t really believe that an online reading could in any way come up with anything even vaguely specific. But I entered into the spirit of it and chose my numbers randomly and sent them off to Ali , keen to see what she would come back with . When I read her reply I was visibly shocked, she gave details of my work and conflicts in my office that she could not have known about and with incredible accuracy even pin pointing the exact issues I had. She was able to give an indication as to my health, sleeping habits and general well being as well as bringing up details of family matters of which I had long ago forgotten. It was an amazing and enlightening result from someone like me who had been sceptical of such things and very much living in the factual here and now. I am very much looking forward to learning more from future readings.

Alistair from Fareham, Hants

Thanks Ali for the reading, it was very insightful and has given me the courage to sort out a couple of aspects of my life that have been bothering me. I would recommend Ali’s services to anyone.

Sean Barber, Bristol

Relationship area is interesting and enlightening… Thank you for your time again and I’ll try to listen in to Forest FM for your slot!

Jo from Dorset

Alison tuned into my goals with remarkable insight. I was most impressed…

KW – Dorset

Very accurate and enlightening

Lisa, Hampshire

Very helpful

Sandra A, Dorset

Very accurate. Able to pick up on my situation instantly and gave me clarity. Alison confirmed all my feelings and instincts.

Shirley, Hampshire

Lovely to spend time with Alison. Really helped me to understand my situation. I now feel more able to look positively towards what I need to achieve. Looking forward to the next reading!

Sarah, Hampshire

I was very surprised how accurate this reading was and I would certainly recommend her to do your reading.

JHL, Scotland