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Alison Crocker

Giving readings for 30 years

Tel: 07500 418551 / Skype: Alimoon00 / E-mail: alisoncrocker1@gmail.com


Strange Sightings and Mysterious Creatures in the New Forest and Beyond

Alison’s new book, Strange Sightings and Mysterious Creatures in the New Forest and Beyond, is now available for purchase from Amazon and other retailers.
The New Forest is a place of beauty and splendour, but it is also a place of secrets and darkness, where mysterious creatures roam and strange discoveries are made. In this book you will hear true accounts from everyday folk who have seen everything from Bigfoot to big cats, from ghosts to fairies, and everything in between – all in the beautiful and enigmatic surroundings of the New Forest and beyond.
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Described as friendly and down to earth

Alison uses Tarot cards, Numerology and Clairvoyance to give guidance on many topics such as love, career, life direction and well being.

Her work has featured on local radio and magazines as well as in the book Paranormal Dorset by Roger Guttridge.

Honest and reliable advice

Reviewed positively by many, Alison Crocker can help you by providing readings, casting spells (for any good purpose only!) and for paranormal house clearances.
Spiritual Healer Member (NFSH) – Magical Herbalist (AMANAF) – Lifetime Member (VTCT) – Diploma in Aromatherapy – Diploma in Reflexology – Diploma in Swedish Massage – Past Life Regression Therapist (PLTA) – Advanced Wicca

“Lovely to spend time with Alison. Really helped me to understand my situation. I now feel more able to look positively towards what I need to achieve. Looking forward to the next reading!”
– Sarah, Hampshire

“Thank you for the reading. I found the experience to be calm and helpful. You predicted a trip to New Zealand with my children and not my husband, which at the time seemed improbable, due to a set of unforseen circumstances that trip is about to take place next week”
– Kari

“Dear Alison, Thank you very much for the reading. I was a bit overwhelmed with the accuracy of what you were telling me in the first half of the reading as it was so accurate. The reading was very positive for me and I thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you and I will definitely be recommending you to friends and will be back for another reading in the future. Thank you again.”
– Becky

“Thank you very much for the reading. You have described my dad exactly and also the relationship he has got himself into. Funnily enough I did feel the need to write a letter to him a few days ago, and so far there has been no reply, but as you said it did help me.”
– Andrew, Devon

“I came across Alison recently by pure chance and requested a three question email reading and can say that she was so spot on with the areas which were covered. It was like she had known me for years. It was quite uncanny. The report was very welcoming and will be a good reference point over the year. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”
– ARW, England

“I was very surprised how accurate this reading was and I would certainly recommend her to do your reading.”
– JHL, Scotland

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