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Alison Crocker

Spell creating and casting

As a magical herbalist, I can create a bespoke spell for any good purpose. Topics include finding a new love, a new job, promotion, increasing wealth, housing, neighbour issues, travel, psychic protection, new beginnings etc.

The spells I cast won’t bring back an uncaring lover or separate two people in love. My spells won’t make you win the lottery as this is a game of chance however it can increase your abundant feelings towards money and wealth thus encouraging more money to flow to you naturally.

My spells do not impinge on the free will and happiness of others. They work by empowering your aura and creating good feelings therefore attracting good fortune spiritually and physically.

My spells work in harmony with the Divine and by the principle of Harm None.

This service is chargeable at a rate of £28.99 per spell. For this price, I will create your very own spell as well as casting the spell for you three times. You will receive your spell via email.

 It also helps if you tell me your date of birth and that of anyone involved in your situation.

Contact me using the below form detailing your problem and I will do my very best to help you find a way forward.


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